5 ways my body defines me

1. According to psychologist  the female relationship with our body is developed as  a means to survival, on the other hand the beauty standards of what defines a beautiful body has changed over the centuries, for myself I would like to go back to the renaissance era with plump hips and a curvy body all around,... Continue Reading →

5 tips to get the perfect Bronde

The perfect tone this spring for brunettes Spring is almost here! and it's that time when we reinvent ourselves and prepare for the summer "is the appetizer of the year " it's so exciting to change and improve a little! A trend this year that I love is the BRONDE (brunnette and ombre) which is... Continue Reading →

5 easy steps for clear skin

  Ahhh... acne, that disgusting buddy that becomes part of the day to day problems since we turn 12 or 10 in my case, when I was 20 they promise me it will leave and never come back, now I am 25 and still dealing with pimples and wrinkle creams. I've been dealing with acne and... Continue Reading →

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