To the women who think they can’t do better.

This a message to all the women out there who have taken the hard road thinking it was their only choice, some are still wandering around, some found the exit, some are still struggling in it.

I know at the beginning it was all new and exciting, it seemed like nothing you ever felt before, it was dangerous and passionate he was fire and you wanted to burn up in flames, you could not feel the pain, who cares if it was killing you? it was all worth it. Each day consuming a little bit more, each day disappearing a little, you gave everything you have until one day that was not enough…

how many times did you curse at yourself for not being enough? how many things did you try to change just to please him and keep him close to you? how desperate you were for having the magic formula to keep his love?

This is to you, the woman going through his phone trying to find the reason he doesn’t look at you anymore.

This is to you, the woman who wears makeup and high heels from dawn to midnight for him.

This is to you, the woman who has cried hidden in the car while no one is watching.

This is to you, the woman who has imaginary conversations with him and ends up sobbing every time.

This is to the woman who feels trapped and alone, who doesn’t know what her life would be without him, who’s scared to face the world alone again.

You are not alone, many of us go through this, we know the pain of losing love, the pain of believing in a lie, the pain of loving the wrong person.

You beautiful wonderful woman you came into this world alone and you don’t need anyone to complete you, we have believed that we are incomplete and someone will come and he will fit exactly on our missing parts, but that’s a lie, you are whole, and the day that you see how wonderful you are, you’ll be free, you’ll be happy, and maybe you’ll share the road with another whole human being.

You deserve to be loved, the real love, the one that doesn’t hurt, the one that gives you wings, despite what you have experienced love is a beautiful magical thing, not a horrible thing that happened to you.

You are beautiful.

You are capable.

You are enough.

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