5 ways you can improve your intelligence.


1.Open your mind, there’s nothing more married as peanut butter and jelly  like a closed mind and a low intellect one of the causes behind this is the fear of being wrong or that all of the values and beliefs you’ve been defending and living for your whole life might be wrong, this is a shock, so many people prefer to stay ignorant,  this is especially true if your environment  is surrounded by like-minded individuals. You’ll never have the need to improve or the guts.

2. Travel, the further the better, though it doesn’t have to be far, you don’t need to have a lot of money, you can travel in your own country to cities different to yours, find people completely different to you and get to know them, learn about their culture and the why’s behind them, if you definitely can’t travel then open a world history book or a book about a specific country or another learn about humanity, is so fascinating. So when you meet someone from India you’ll definitely have something to talk about or maybe a million questions.

3. Learn another language if you only speak and understand your mother tongue is time to put some work! learning another language creates a different map of neurological connections in our brains and some studies say that even creates a different personality, I know I’m the sweetest human in English and the funniest in Spanish, without this tool I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunity to read the original Bukowski books, I can’t even begin to imagine reading them in Spanish..the same goes for Gael Garcia Marquez in English hell no!

4. Understand your strengths and your weakness, I suck but really, really suck at Math, it was my nemesis at school and I am so thankful for phone calculators, I definitely wasn’t considered one of the bright kids at school because of my constant math failing, but damn! if I was good at history and literature, I won creative writing competitions and stuff, still, it wasn’t enough back then and I always thought I was not a good student. Now that I am older I know that we all have different skills, If I compete with a mathematician he will crush me and I would be an idiot next to him/her, but I know that if we compete in creative thinking or whatever my field is,  I would win…I think! I hope!

5. Concentrate on improving a thing at a time,  maybe you feel your social skills are very weak, then look for techniques and apply one at a time, or maybe all your friends or co-workers talk about things and you don’t have an idea what they are! then go home and do your homework and learn something new, must importantly DON’T talk about something you don’t know, it’s horrible when someone just pretends to be knowledgeable when they have empty brains. work in filling your brains with the information that fulfills your soul.


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