5 ways my body defines me


According to psychologist  the female relationship with our body is developed as  a means to survival, on the other hand the beauty standards of what defines a beautiful body has changed over the centuries, for myself I would like to go back to the renaissance era with plump hips and a curvy body all around, no more strict diets or tons of crunches! but you know we’re in the Kardashian body era so my big ass and me we’re cool with it. Beauty standards change! don’t fixate on one.



I’ve always being plump, or at least I’ve never been as skinny as all my friends, on the other hand, I developed breast and hips very young, so I got tons of unwanted attention at 12 when I was still a child!  I wanted to dress like all my friends but I couldn’t…that create a huge confusion of identity because I was treated like a grown woman, so I wore heels and skirts, and I learned about makeup quite young, but I was still a girl, I didn’t realize the psychological issues that brought me until recently.

Beautiful little girl with lipstck


I am different to who I wish I could be, or so I was until recently, I have PCOS, is weird to have this hormonal issues and deal with so many consequences but I’ve learned so much, I have learned to love the skin I am in, I lose weight with the help of a fantastic doctor, and I’ve been going to the gym daily for almost a year, If I didn’t have this issues I wouldn’t have these solutions. I turned stronger and so could you.



I am Mexican, our beauty standards are high, we wear makeup daily and high heels, our hair is always done and our clothes are fashionable and attractive, or that was what I learned,  an issue about this is the constant judging between women, there’s a need to criticise other females imperfection that makes you sick, I’ve learned and I’ve practiced finding what I like about someone before finding what I think is wrong. Compassion and empathy make you gorgeous.



Comparison, we feel that another beautiful female will take something away from you, your man, your job, attention, or that her beauty will make yours vanish, and that is pure bullshit, beauty comes in a hundred shapes, some people think blondes are gorgeous, some others think brunettes are the most beautiful, believe in your beauty and in yourself, your power comes from within you, no one can take it away from you.

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