5 books that’ll improve your mind


Published, June 1948

Politics, global manipulation, fear and the human need for connection,  a beautiful scary book that will definitely change the way you see the world and the way politics work especially now,

other books by Orwell, Animal Farm

A brave new world

Published 1932.

Huxley brings us this utopic world which currently doesn’t seem that far away, themes like birth control and breed-in bottles babies, drones flying away and a pill to keep everyone happy.

other books by Huxley, antic hay

The second sex 

Published 1949.

Miss Simone de Beauvoir master essay on the female condition opened up the intellectual conversation about the inequality for women through the ages with wonderful data.

Other books by Beauvoir, the woman destroyed, The mandarins

The virtue of selfishness

Published 1964.

A small book to introduce you to the great thinker, she exposes themes of love and culture, all through it changing the way you think with each page.

other books by Rand, the fountain pen.

Daring Greatly 

Published 2012.

The first and only self-help book that I have ever read, it changed my life and the way relate to the people I love, I understand the pain of others and my own fears, I absolutely recommend this piece of wisdom.

other books by Brown, all.

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