5 steps to remember you’re beautiful.

“We all think that people look at us the same harsh and judgmental way that we do”

Today I woke up and I had a massive break out on my skin, little whiteheads everywhere, I know it’s my fault, my period was last week and I had massive craving for sugars and dairy which I normally don’t consume, during those days my skin was ok but now I look like Freddy krueger. I know it will heal and go back to normal but meanwhile I’m avoiding mirrors. I hate feeling like this so I’ve been testing ways of get over myself.


talk about it and accept it

I looked at myself in the morning and I wanted to pretend like nothing happen, kind of like if I don’t see it nobody else will, but as soon as my mother saw me she almost fainted  – I know, I know –  I said, then I talk to my boyfriend and I told him I had a horrible break out, I almost cried and then I felt like “oh, so I have a massive break out but my hair is getting longer!” and the conversation moved to job stuff and more important things.


Focus on long term

So today I don’t feel dashing and that’s okay! we all have bad hair, bad skin, bloated belly days, it won’t last forever! one day I’ll think about today as that day looooong ago, also I understand that I have more important things to focus than the way that I look, I have to write, I have to read, I have to work, I have to learn, I have to work out, I have to cook, I have to see my friends and family all in this day, who cares if I don’t think I look gorgeous while doing all that?  I’m not a kardashian!

Nobody is perfect

we all have this tendency of comparing ourself to other people, we women do it all the time, of course I envy women with perfect skin and the ones that can eat a cow without gaining a pound but every single one of us have insecurities, even the people we think look as perfect goddess. We all think that people look at us the same harsh and judgmental way that we do and when they look at us they just see your little double chin, or your droopy eye, or your tiny wrinkles, or maybe your nose is a little too big, when the truth is we find what we like about somebody else. I look at my friends and I like their hair, or their butts, or their legs, or their white teeth and I’m thinking “Bitch!” but in a good way!

Social pressure

As kids we learn our duties in life, man are protective and providers, women are kind and nurturing, man looks tough and acts tough, woman is delicate and bakes, we know now that not everything is black and white as we where taught, women work and men are nurturing creatures too, but what is not changing fast enough is what gives each gender value, women are judge by their looks  whereas men are judged by their success, that’s why for us gals the way we look each day determines how good of a woman we are but that is not true! we are all humans capable of so much more than looking good or making money, we can give more to this world than our good looks, we all can be kind, loving, friendly, goal getters. Our value should be determined only for ourselves.


Fuck it!

Honestly that’s the key, today my mother had a reunion with a lot of people at her house (where I’m staying) with women who normally compliment me on my “beauty” and I have to be honest I was scared of going down and greet them with my bare face, I even considered sneaking out the door but then I thought, why!? I’m still me! I can still be kind, good, charming, and a good company and honestly I’m still beautiful even with 53 whiteheads on my face I’m much more than my skin swinging moods. So Yoshi 01- acne 00.



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