5 steps to be fascinating.

“What goes into your mind comes out of your mouth”

Has it ever happen to you that you meet someone and you have nothing in common with that person, you try to talk and you realize that you have nothing to talk about and during that uncomfortable moment a third person arrives and PUM! the conversation flows and you feel relaxed? It’s the salt that was missing from the table! and in your mind you’re thinking, why can not I be like that?


Good energy.

Positive and happy people are magnetic, someone who feels good and satisfied with their life make you feel good when you are around them, on the other hand, NO ONE likes negative people, those humans that every time you talk to them about doing something new they give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t meanwhile their life is nothing but judgments and complaints about everything that happens around them. Do not be a bitter walking lemon.


fill your mind

Read books (if you fall sleep while reading listen to audiobooks), watch movies of all types old, new, indie, Mexican, bollywood, read articles, listen to podcast, bathe yourself in good information, always looking to improve and have a good cultural repertoire, what enters your mind comes out of your mouth and in a society in which culture is not part of education, be the exception.



When someone has a passion and is totally in love with, is their every day ray of sunshine, it is transmitted and spread, whatever it is, astronomy, Harry Potter, travel, cooking, exercise, puppy training etc. When you have a passion you have to put work into it, active people are much more attractive than people who spend their free time watching television on the couch.
Apart from that when they express their passions it’s fascinating to hear them speak and see how their eyes glow, plus everything you can learn from them.When someone feels accomplished he inspires others to improve their own life.



If you are already a cultured person, with different talents and hobbies and yet no one notices how fascinating you can be, maybe the error is in your actions. Nobody likes egotistic and pedant people, when you find yourself socializing show genuine interest in the people you are with, what are their hobbies? work? their ideas and perspectives? Keep your mind open to new ideas and the fact that everyone has something interesting to share and something new to teach you.



Be who you were meant to be

The fear of being “different” and others laughing at you, is so ingrained in our society that everyone tries to follow the flock, whether it’s the same fashion, the same haircut, the same hairstyle, the shoes, the music, the bar, food,sports. We judge without thinking twice to everyone who has something we perceive as different, when in fact we are ALL individuals, no one is a photocopy of another person, your history, your body, your religion, your sexual preference, your economic status, all that has made you the being so unique and special that you are, and the most beautiful thing about you is what you do differently, the qualities you were born with, all you do without trying, do not be afraid to express who you are, your ideas, your style, your sexuality. Your preferences are yours, and if you learn not to judge others, the fear you have of being judged will vanish.



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