5 tips to get the perfect Bronde

The perfect tone this spring for brunettes

Spring is almost here! and it’s that time when we reinvent ourselves and prepare for the summer “is the appetizer of the year ” it’s so exciting to change and improve a little! A trend this year that I love is the BRONDE (brunnette and ombre) which is ideal for women who have natural dark hair to add dimension and light without going blonde (not all of us look good as blondes).


Dark hair

If your hair tone is very dark the best thing is that the lights never reach a blond tone. The point of the bronde is to look natural, as if you spent hours in the sun and your hair naturally lightened, caramel shades and reddish tones are the best for very dark hair.


No longer 2001

If there is something that looks awful and so early 2000 is the “tiger highlights” extremely defined they don’t look aesthetic or at least for now the trend is towards a natural style something, that your hair could be on its own, find a colorist who knows what he does and has the knowledge to blend and find the points of light in your hair.


Blonde bronde

If you have a light hair color you can choose beige and gold tones to enhance your hair and create a contrast with your root making the most of your natural darker tone seem, the game between light and dark will give you an illusion of higher volume.


Au naturel

Personally I have not dyed my hair for 2 years and I want to see how long I can resist before succumbing to the desire, I learned about the bronde and I was about to schedule an appointment but my hair is still damaged by years of dyeing and combing with heat, so I thought of a natural alternative and tadaaaan! I remembered about chamomile, either the mixture bottle that they sell you already made or a mixture of chamomile tea with a few drops of lemon and get your hair out to the sun, this worked perfect for me and for all those who do not want to discolor their hair, although this only works on natural hair.


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