5 easy steps for clear skin


Ahhh… acne, that disgusting buddy that becomes part of the day to day problems since we turn 12 or 10 in my case, when I was 20 they promise me it will leave and never come back, now I am 25 and still dealing with pimples and wrinkle creams.

I’ve been dealing with acne and acne with me for 15 years, here’s what I have learned.

  • Soap and cleansers.

The cleansers that promise to clean your face with acids and strong exfoliants seem to be the easy obvius fix, you wash your pretty face and immediately it feels softer, so you keep using them y for some weird reason your skin is never clear, is dry and even with more pimples! God why do you hate me so much!?

Fix it:

After using all kind of cleansers, from astringent, oatmeal, charcoal, european expensive brands, Zote! etc, I went on vacation and forgot my face wash and I had with me my Dove bar that I used for my body so I used for my face as well. OMG! life changing sweet mistake! my face started clearing up,  no more dryness, no new pimples! I’ve been using 0006723889119Lit for 2 years now and I swear by it .Dove is a moisturizing soap that doesn’t strip your skin from your natural oils, your skin needs this oils for not producing more oil.

  • Makeup.

If there is something that we people with pimples know is how to cover those little red mountains in our faces, that’s probably why I fell in love with makeup. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive, and I am a little cheap, my mother has always told me ” You cannot be cheap with your skin” and once again my mother is right, I was using NYX  which is a brand I adore! but unfortunately my skin didn’t like the foundation so I went to heaven, commonly known as Sephora and I bought FENTY, this 9bb8ebf7-925b-4437-b00e-e10b44e7b1e7_1.a77de0fa54ebe2176db81523a39cbb14extremely beautiful, multi colored foundation works like a second skin for me! and I know that FENTY can be in the expensive side of the spectrum,though is a great investment, a good alternative is True Match from L’oreal or Maybelline Fit me.

  • Brushes and sponges.

Whatever you use to apply your makeup, brush or a beauty blender, you HAVE TO clean it nice and deep, other wise you will leave a lot of dirt, oils, and dead skin creating a mini ecosystem in them and every time you use them you will a leave a layer of bacteria on your skin.  EVERYTHING you use in your skin has to be cleaned constantly, the powder brush, the blush brush, the beauty blender, the powder sponge etc.

Also your pillow cases absorb hair oils and dirt from your skin, change them often.

  • Food.

Our skin helps to protect and detoxify, often when we have a flare up is an indication of  something that we are eating is affecting us. obviously junk  and processed food are not really welcome in our body and we should generally not eat them, but what if we have a healthy diet and we still have pimples?  my experience and research has shown me that huevos-y-lechewe all have some level of allergies or intolerances to everyday foods, the most common ones are: Dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, etc. I’m a nut lover but I know that if I have any nuts the next day I will be have nuts on my skin, my egg intolerance was severe for around a year, and in general I can’t consume soy products because of the estrogens, which brings me to the next subject:

  • Hormones

Unfortunately most of what we consume today has some type of hormonal disruptors, if you add hormonal contraceptives and daily stress, it is no surprise that so many women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s are still suffering from acne, among other symptoms as infertility, elevated estrogens etc. 2 years ago I went to check my hormones because I knew something was wrong inside me, my doctor immediately diagnosed me with excess estrogen, gave me progesterone cream and a miracle supplement called DIM to help flush out the extra estrogen. OH MY GOD it was like being born again, my depression and anxiety disappeared almost immediately my skin was clear,  and for the first time in years I could lose those extra pounds. my blood work showed I had anemia (lack of iron) and other vitamins. By treating my anemia and my hormones, my life has really improved. It is important to listen to your body and understand the signals it sends you.


Sexy white heads are an accumulation of bacteria, if you pop them the bacteria will spread and new white heads will appear. DO NOT POP .

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